It’s just us

Hey all!  I started sharing my feelings on social media. I realize most people don’t need or want to know about what’s going on. It’s a simple “like” or “love” or “sad face” and move on. I get it. I do it too. However, I have some things to say, or honestly, just get off my chest. So here we are.

In 2008 I married my best friend.  I loved him.  SO much.  We had fun living life together for a while!  We had a baby in 2010.  Who else can say they had a baby on 90210?  Nice!!!! It was, in fact, my favorite show.

We loved that baby so much that we thought for sure #2 was a necessity!  And there he was on 9-20-13!

Life is good, right?  Two healthy kids!  A roof over our heads!  Two good jobs! Happily married couple…Sadly no.  Landon was a twin.  About 20 weeks in, we lost the other baby. I broke that news to his Daddy on Avery’s first day of dance.  He was strong for us that day.  He took her to dance.  I stayed home.  I missed my baby’s first day of dance.  But he was there.

You see, he was a good dad.  He was a good person.  However, something inside of him kept him from ever being there again.  He lost his way. Alcohol took over. And we didn’t know why until a few years later.  It wasn’t until then that we finally figured out something was really wrong. It was then that he took his life.

And now, it’s just the three of us.

16 thoughts on “It’s just us

  1. I think this is very brave to share, but sharing helps us recover and it explains our individual story. This outlet allows you to release your thoughts and others to learn more about having compassion because we never know exactly what people are going through. I respect your openess and your willingness to share. You are strong, even if there are times you may not feel it, your strength will fight through. Kudos and hugs to you!

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  2. I’m so proud of you for doing this. You never know how many people you will help.
    The more open and honest we all are about real life the more we can help each other.
    Thank you!!!!

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  3. Love your heart and your sharing. Avery and Landon are so blessed to call you their mom, and we were so blessed to have Lily and Pearl call you teacher! You are special to so many people!

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  4. Thank you Carrie for sharing. Sometimes we don’t always understand the “why” a person isn t able to pick back up and go on. COTFC
    Blue room is there for the season you are in. We love you and your kids.

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  5. Babe, I just wish I could take all the pain and hurt away from you & my sweet babies but I can’t! You love these babies so much, and they love you, God loves all of you and he is there always and will get you through this!
    Beautifully said and glad you are sharing! I love you all so very much!

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