It takes a village…and I love mine

I don’t feel sorry for us.

By the grace of God and the support of family and friends, new and old, we are thriving. With our army, we are a force!

I do not feel sorry for us.

But I used to.

Nothing can prepare you for this. For the questions, for the pain, for the nights your kids break down out of nowhere because the smell of Daddy is no longer on his shirt. For Daddy Daughter dances and Donuts With Dad-but no Daddy to take her. No one can prepare you  to have the conversation with your children that Daddy is in Heaven. Or for the random song that will bring you to your knees because they say it reminds them of their Dad.

No one can prepare you, because never in your wildest dreams do you expect to have to deal with that. That is not what we sign up for when we bring our children into this world.

I know half the time I am winging this Mom thing!  The one thing I AM certain of is that I want to protect them and keep them safe and happy. And I can’t keep them from this. They are far too young to know this type of loss, but they know it and live it daily.

And now, my role has taken on something brand new. I never dreamed I’d be mending such broken hearts at such a young age. But here I am!  But not alone. No way!  I have my army behind me. And without them, I’m not sure …but I don’t have to go there. Because they are with us in full force, making sure we get it all done, listening and most importantly helping me put smiles on these kids’ faces.

I’m happy for us, that we have a loving God to guide and protect us. We have friends and family that love and support us. We have each other!

I don’t feel sorry for us.

I am proud of us!

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