I think the biggest misconception in sharing feelings/thoughts is that the person sharing must definitely be  distraught. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth…at least for me. That’s not why I share my thoughts. I share because I want to get it out. I share because I have no adults in my home to talk to.  I share because maybe…just maybe…someone else feels the same way.

Im not sad…all the time. I’m not angry…all the time. I’m not jumping for joy…all the time. Those are big emotions. We all feel them from time to time. But if I had to put an emotional label on my feelings, I’d go with happy.

I’m happy.

Not because my children lost their father. That’s traumatic.

Not because I lost my ex husband. That’s just sad.

Not because my children are grieving. There are no words to describe that.

I’m happy because we are here. We get to wake up every morning and thank the Lord for another day.

I’m happy because my children get to go to school and I get to work.

I’m happy because I have an amazing family that loves us and contacts us daily.

I’m happy because I have fantastic friends who go out of their way to be helpful and loving.

Im happy because I have friends/acquaintances that I can call on anytime and they are present.

Im happy for 20 children that make me proud everyday.

I happy for a roof over my head and food to eat.

There’s so much to be excited about. There’s very little time on this Earth. Let’s not waste it being unhappy!

Be grateful.  Be loving. Be kind.

Just be happy!

One thought on “Happy

  1. Well said…
    It is had for some to understand that just because you’re reaching out doesn’t mean you’re in a bad place. you’re reaching out because life events have cause you to realize how short and precious life can be and you simple want to express to them how important they are to you.

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