The First of “Firsts”

Happy Easter!  I love this day. What an amazing reminder of why we are free from sin and that our Lord gave this to us!

It’s also a fun day for egg hunting, egg coloring, and eating way too much food!

We started our day with Easter baskets (yay!!!) and off to church for an amazing service, family pictures, and an egg “hunt”. Collecting would be a better description. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful morning.  Following, was a scrumptious dinner with DESSERT!  My favorite part!  Then as usual, we parted ways, gave hugs, said goodbyes and we were on our way. In an icy mess, I might add.

It was on the way home that it hit me. We just accomplished another “first” this year. First Easter for my kids without Daddy. Oddly, it didn’t hit me until we were headed home. And the dinner was at his house!  This may seem heartless to some, but to me it’s a victory. Not because I don’t want us to think of him, but because we made it through a big event and didn’t lose it through sadness!

I know, from losing my dad a few years ago, that the firsts are hard. They can be so heart wrenching and painful that it’s difficult to enjoy. That happened regularly for me at that time.

Thanksgiving was hard this year, because it was a first that Avery and Landon didn’t get to spend it with their Daddy. Christmas blues came later, because we went to Disney, but it all hit when we got back. I fully expected this to be the same. But…IT WASN’T!

Ironically enough, our sermon today was about facing your “giants”-those things that just seem way too big to tackle. And that Jesus is the one that fights those giants. The difference in how I’m coping with this loss compared to the other very personal losses, is that this time I lean on Jesus. He fights my fights and for that I’m so grateful!

Do I still mourn?  Yep. Do I still get angry? Yep. Sometimes, eagerly, I try to step in and fight my giants on my own. It doesn’t fare well for me. Today was a great reminder that Jesus died for my “giants” and rose again so I can be free of this.

So, Happy Easter!  And praise the Lord for a day without sadness, but instead full of love!

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