Momma’s Boy

My kids kids are simply amazing!  I know, I know.  Every parent says that.  And every parent is right!  That gets me through the day sometimes, as a teacher. Always remember this is someone else’s perfect little human!  Just like mine.

Sometimes mine aren’t so “perfect”—  just like everyone else!  Sometimes I want to hide in my closet, just like every other mom!  But I can’t, so I don’t.  I endure the good, the bad, the ugly, and all of the in between.  And while it may be unbelievable, I love it.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

I have two amazing children.  I’m thankful everyday that I was chosen to be their mom…for the very short time I’m allotted!  I have one who is a rule follower, almost to a fault.  She works hard, she does the right thing always, and is so easy to get along with.  People love her and so do I!

I also have a very head strong little boy.  People meet him and think he’s rude because he won’t talk or interact.  Or if he does, they think he’s disrespectful.  But they don’t know my boy!

This child of mine used to hide behind me if someone came so close to look his way. He screamed if someone tried to talk to him.  Paper towels threw him over the edge.  Shirt tags had to be removed.  The beep on the microwave was forbidden if he was present . It was soooo hard to get through a day.  But, if Daddy was around, he had a special way of making the world right with Landon.  Maybe it was the soft tone of his voice that he used with him?  Maybe it was simply because it was Daddy?  I don’t know.  But he could calm him like no one else could.

He misses him.  Of course!  We all do!

He’s a kind hearted, lovable, snuggly little boy.  And when you take the time…it’s a long time…but if you take it, you’ll meet the best kid ever!

But, he wants and needs his Daddy!  There are some things a mom just can’t do, and one of them is being a daddy!

The good news is he has some stand up “stand ins” and that makes my heart happy!  And his too!

If you have not been lucky enough to meet Landon, you should!  He’s a pretty cool kid!


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