Let’s TALK

I’m a talker!  I’m sure I was the kid in school that got reprimanded for it, although I don’t recall it.  I love when someone stops me in the hall at school and asks me a question. I’m sure they quickly regret it as I ramble on about fifty other things that have no relevance to the original conversation!  Sorry to those that have been victim to this!  But I will talk forever if I’m allowed!

My kids talk all the time in the car. They don’t stop. You know, when my favorite song comes on and they want to tell me about nothing!  Of course, I listen. That’s what moms do!  Or when I get on the phone to…talk…they have a million things to say. Just like me. Even though it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of either of them before that song comes on or before that phone call begins. Then I find myself asking, in my head of course, why can’t you talk when the time is right?

This sort of thing happens at school too. The kids want talk, talk, talk all day long. But when I want input on a conversation, it’s crickets!  Except for those little lovelies that always have something to say…relevant or not!

And then there’s my daughter. She’s got a lot to say. I know because I can see the wheels turning. She’s a thinker. She’s got a lot brewing in that head of hers. And she’ll say it. Especially if it comes to her brother. She has plenty to say to him!  Some could, and maybe should, be left unsaid!  But she says it anyway.

What she won’t say is what’s bothering her. Or what’s hard for her. She lets it continue brewing while the rest spews out. And sometimes, it comes out with a vengeance.

So it got me thinking…

What if we took the barriers off of talking?  What if what needs to be said, needs to be said right now?  What if we stopped texting and emailing, and just talked?   What if my daughter didn’t feel like she couldn’t tell me what she has on her mind?  What if someone in complete despair found comfort?  What if a child in need made that clear and we could help him/her?  What if a misunderstanding was cleared up with a simple conversation?  What if????

I haven’t put this to the test, but I think I will.

Let’s talk!!!

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