A Soft Place to Fall

You wake up. The birds are chirping outside the window. The sun is trying to make its way through the shades. It appears to be the start of a perfect day!  And…then…it happens.  LIFE!!

All of a sudden that peace disappears with text messages and emails and child demands. Meet me here!  Help me with this. I need breakfast!  So…you get up and make breakfast, because all the others can wait!  However you don’t have the right waffles and he wanted to pour the milk, not you. So you pour it out and start over. Pick. Your. Battles. Milk is not one of them!  Waffles are served, milk is poured correctly, and you get ready for the day!  Easy peasy!  Nope!!!!  Because it’s time to get in the car. And no one is ready for that. Turn the lights off. Turn the tv off. Put your shoes on. Because I asked you to do that 20 minutes ago!  Did you brush your teeth?  REALLY????  Ugh!  Are you kidding me?

Eventually it all comes together and you can breathe. But you already feel like you need a soft place to fall. And honestly, the day hasn’t even really started yet.

I take blame for this scenario. I like sleep and I despise alarm clocks. It’s just me.

The best part comes later. It’s the soft place. It’s the “good morning”’text. Or the surprise coffee at work. Or the good morning smiles that walk in every single day. Maybe it’s the simple hug goodbye and “have a good day” from my daughter.

Maybe the day gets better, maybe it doesn’t, but there’s always a soft place to fall. I always have love and comfort from the people in my life. And I hope and pray that I provide the same for them.

After all, we all need a soft place to fall!

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