Let’s Play!

Friday and Saturday nights sure do change once you become a parent. Thank goodness!  I’m very certain I could not survive the weekends I experienced pre-children!  I was much younger then. And now, I just pray for an extra five minutes of sleep!

Weekdays are different too. I think back to my first years of teaching, when I’d have a long day and come home, eat whatever was fast, and lounge until I fell asleep. Now those days/evenings are filled with practices, dinners, laundry, and fighting bedtime with a four year old…which I assume must be close to participating in some sort of gauntlet challenge. It’s nearly impossible sometimes.

Its not all work though. There are movie nights, game nights, artistic adventures, and bike rides. I love these little moments that may possibly become memories for my kids.

But it’s the bike rides that get me. The bikes.

We have several bikes. Most were rebuild projects from Daddy. He was crafty in that nature, but also an amazing BMX rider. He competed nationwide as a child, and the thrill never left his heart. Even as an adult he’d work on bikes and ride through the neighborhood, or longer adventures!  Riding bikes was in his soul!  And he was really good! The insane amount of awards and trophies are proof to that.

He taught the kids the basics. Avery knows how to ride without training wheels, and Landon finally understands how to maneuver the pedals to ride and turn.   That’s where this gets tough. Not because I can’t help them. But I can’t help like he would have wanted. Maybe they were meant to be all star BMX racers like their Dad. Maybe not. But he was supposed to be here to help with that. However, he is not. And that is clearly what was intended for us.

They will learn to ride bikes. I will help all I can. And I’m certain there are many supporters that will step in to help them as well. I just can’t help but think of how much he loved helping them with this one thing that was so dear to him.

Like everything else, this will come together. It’s just funny how “firsts” appear in front of you without any expectations at all.

I’ve kind of always been the indoor fun mom.  I have always enjoyed the spectator role of the outdoors.  Guess I better get my running shoes on and step it up!  It’s time to play!  E79B5A6F-1439-4510-B974-C19E67033E45.jpeg

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