love always

Waking up on any day, you expect your normal routine. Sometimes it can be very mundane. You know the usual…hit snooze as many times as you can (that’s my routine at least), make coffee, shower, leave the house, do your thing. Whatever that may be. As naive as we are, we think this is it. Nothing is going to happen out of the ordinary. We will do this. We will go about our daily routine. We will come home, we will eat, we will bathe, we will go to bed.  That’s just what we do. And that’s great.

And sometimes, when we least expect it, that routine gets broken. Something happens. Sometimes it’s minor. Like, crap…I need to fix my car. Ugh. That’s the worst. Or at that moment it seems like the worst thing that could happen to you. And maybe on that day it is. Maybe your washer and dryer broke and now you have to buy a new one. Again…worst thing on that day. I’ve felt those things…both recently actually. But they are definitely NOT the worst thing that could happen. Not on that day. Not ever.

They won’t ever be the worst thing to go wrong,  because you don’t have an emotional attachment to those things.  Yes, they cost money you weren’t expecting to spend, and that, for lack of better words, sucks.  But it’s money. Oh well. I don’t say that because I have a lot of it. I’m a single mom on a teacher salary. I’m saying it because it just doesn’t matter. Money comes and money goes. And it comes back.

People, however, don’t. The worst thing that can happen to your day is a phone call that your Dad died. Or that your kids dad died. Or anyone that you have come to know died or has been injured, or sick. Because they don’t come back once they are gone. And once you experience this enough, maybe even once is enough, you realize life is SHORT.

For me, I learned to be kind. Kinder than necessary. And I sometimes fail there, but I always know that and quickly apologize and refuel. I’ve learned not to let silly things get in the way of friendships and any relationship really. Just be kind. Regret is not a good or healthy thing to live with.

I also learned that any little hiccup worries me. And sometimes, ahem, most of the time, I worry about the worst. Because I’m afraid of losing the people I love.  When people I care for hurt, I want to help.  I want to be there.  I look back at some moments and wish I could have done more than I did.

I guess what I’m getting at is LOVE more than you think is necessary.  Be there and help the people you care about.  One day you might not have that chance.  So take it while you have the opportunity!

Live. Laugh.  Love.  And do it ALWAYS!


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