How do you do it?

I often get asked ,“How do you do it?” That question makes my head spin. Am I really “doing it?”  Who knows!  Ha!  We get through the days. And sometimes it’s hours and minutes. But mostly days. Not from sadness. From exhaustion. This Momma is tired. One might think we are sad all the time. We are not. Thankfully, because that wouldn’t be healthy. We have moments, but that’s to be expected. But how do I do it?  Well, it’s simple. “I” don’t.

There hasn’t been a moment that I have had to do this alone. I have parents, relatives, friends, and family of friends that continue to rally for us. Is it perfect?  No way!  But it’s certainly appreciated.

Being a single parent is tough. No matter the circumstances. In no way, shape, or form do I want sympathy. At first, I suppose I chose to be a single parent, due to circumstances beyond my control. But not for lack of trying. This is not what I expected.  But this is where we are.

The problem with me being a single parent is that I really don’t like asking for or accepting help. In fact, sometimes it irritates me. Not to say I’m irritated with people or offers to help, but that it may possibly appear that I need it. And trust me, sometimes I do. My hard headed self just doesn’t like to admit it most times.

How do I do this?  The reason I can’t answer is simple. I just don’t know. But WE do. It’s not an “I” statement. It’s “we.”  And I’m thankful to be able to say that.

Most reading this probably don’t know about the greatest gift we’ve been given in the form of a “friend.”  He’s been an amazing asset to us and we all smile frequently because of his presence. It’s been a while since we’ve all smiled true happy smiles, so we are thankful, grateful, and blessed. He helps me even when I say no, and makes my kids smile when they don’t think they have it in them. We are a lucky three!

I realize that this is not the end of our story, but the beginning of happier times. The sadness doesn’t end here, but happiness is unraveling itself right before our eyes in so many ways. That’s how I do this. I don’t give up on the positive. It’s there. We just have to keep our hearts and eyes open!

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