Summer time!!!

It’s summer time for us!  School is out and the sun is shining!  This also means we are busy, busy, busy. But the fun kind of busy. It’s time for BBQs, pool time, and countless fun day trips with our closest friends. It’s my favorite time of year, where I get to be a stay at home mom in a sense, and I love every minute…except for the sibling arguments that are inevitable with so much together time. But, I’ll take it! And this year, I get a little more with NO SUMMER SCHOOL!!!  It’s just a small little gift I gave to all three of us this year. We earned some extra fun time, and we plan to soak it up!

Today was our first big BBQ. It was held at PJ’s dads house in honor of his great Aunt’s birthday. A few years ago, PJ’s Mom  insisted on putting a pool in. We enjoyed it for a couple of years, but once she got sick, the pool was no more. But not this year!  Grandpa got the pool back in working order, added a slide, and got the kids a brand new trampoline to jump on. We had a great time…even if it felt like taking an ice bath!  Needless to say, they are excited for many pool days to come!

We had a good time today, but it was definitely different. This party happens every year, but this year PJ wasn’t with us. Landon, in his four year old world didn’t notice. But Avery did. She kept veering towards the trampoline.  That’s where she spent most of her outdoor play time with her dad. She was quiet most of the day. Usually I would worry. However, I’ve learned over the past few months that this is just her way of remembering and coping. It’s always worried me because she doesn’t deal like I do. But I’m finding out that’s her way!  So I’ll let it happen!

We have accomplished another first. Those are almost over for us. It’s almost been a year since PJ passed. That doesn’t seem possible. But we’ve come a long way and will continue to keep going forward!

For now, we are soaking up the summer fun!

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