We are so lucky to have such a caring and loving support system. I appreciate everyone involved in our lives, even if it’s just through caring thoughts. Here are some things about us you should know.

  1.  First and foremost, we are OK!  We are happy. We live our days like everyone else. We have fun and do all the things we have always done. We are not sulking in constant pain and misery. We are happy!
  2. Yes, we have rough patches. There are days…not days…moments that come and we are reminded that Daddy is no longer here on Earth with us. Sometimes, I cry. Sometimes the kids cry. But that’s human nature. A part of our family is gone. We weren’t your conventional family. PJ and I were divorced. However, we still raised our children together.  We worked through US in order to make things good with the kids. It wasnt perfect, but that’s where we landed. So yes, I miss him. I miss having my partner in the crazy ride of parenting. Even if he drove my crazy!
  3. I’m an open book. Not because I need everyone to know all about my life. (And they don’t!). But because talking through things helps my soul. It feels good to let it out. A great outlet for me is to write. So I do. It’s not because I’m dying inside. It’s not because I’m distraught. It’s an outlet. I’m at a really good place in my life, despite what has been thrown at our family. I talk. A lot. And I will teach my children to do the same. TALK ABOUT WHATS ON YOUR MIND.   It’s healthy and it feels good!
  4. My life with PJ was FAR from perfect. I could spew out many things that could make people cringe. He wasn’t perfect. And neither am I. However, out of respect for the person he truly was and for all of us still here, I choose  to focus on the greatness of him and of our lives together. I have to. I have to because that’s what I need to portray to my kids. They don’t need to hear the ugly. And they won’t, at least not from me.

So, thanks to everyone who stands by us and cheers us on. We are cheering you on too!  Life can get tricky. We know that. But if you get nothing else out of what you read here, I hope you’ll see that life can be happy. Even when it veers off the path you’ve set!  That’s my message. That’s what’s in my heart and what I hope to share through all of this!

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