Signing off

It’s been quite a year. One we never expected. There’s been a lot of heartache and pain. But there’s been so much growth!

Nearly a year ago, we got some tough news. I never dreamed PJ would take his life. Afterall, we have some pretty awesome kids. I’ve learned a lot this past year. First and foremost, his decision wasn’t about us. I feel confident about that now.

We miss him. Of course we do. We always will. And nothing that happens in our world will ever change that. We will always miss him. We will have moments of mourning for the rest of our days. However, the doesn’t define us. We aren’t done here. He was. We are not.

When you love someone you just do. I don’t think that goes away. I think the WAY you love someone can change.  I had children with PJ. So I will hold a piece of him with me forever. I will keep another part of him alive for my children. They are young and will forget, so I make that my duty for them.  He will always be remembered and never replaced.

This has been a great outlet for me.  I appreciate those of you that take time to read my thoughts.

My kids are good.  So many people want to be there for them. They are so lucky.  And so am I!

Its time for me to focus my energy into other things!  I will always have a love for the man who gave me my children, and I will keep him alive for them as long as I live!

Im signing off for now!  Thank you for reading and sending your love!  We feel it and appreciate it!

Healing Hearts…continuing to heal!  In a great place and moving forward!


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