Love wins

I call this place Healing Hearts for a reason. It’s pretty simple. That’s what we are doing. Healing our hearts.

I spend many evenings consoling my children…mostly Avery. She remembers him. She misses her Daddy. I miss my dad too. So I guess I have that to relate.  But I wasn’t six when my dad died. I was thirty. And with her young wisdom, she always says I was a lucky one because I got to have my dad longer. She’s right. I got years with my dad. She did not.

My dad was with me for my big moments. My first date, my graduation, my move to college, my wedding, my first child. She won’t be so lucky. If you aren’t a “Daddy’s girl” I guess you don’t get it. It was pretty special to have him there. I NEVER told her these things. She realized this on her own.

She’s seven years old and well beyond her years.

She’s right. She won’t have her dad for these moments. She will have me. And as hard as I try, that won’t be enough. I can try to be the worlds greatest mom, which I’ll never succeed at, but I’ll sure try. But I’ll never ever be a Dad. I can’t take the role she’s missing. No one can. PJ Lasater is the only name that can ever fill that role. The only problem is…he resigned.  And there is no replacement.

Here’s where the healing part comes in. I love, and that part of me hasn’t gone anywhere. I love my children!  I love my life. And I’m in love!  The best part…the man I love, loves my kids. And they love him!  Will he replace their dad?  Nope!  And he doesn’t want to.  He lets US grieve and he’s supportive. I could say I’m a lucky one, but I think my kids are. Actually we all are!  It’s not too easy to find what we have been blessed to come across, but we did. Yay for us!  I will forever be grateful for this blessing in our lives.

Life does go on. Don’t give up.  Love wins!!

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