5 reasons my boy is tough and 1 reason why none of those matter

I have the sweetest boy in the world.  He loves his Mommy more than anything.  He such a cool kid!  Sometimes it’s hard for people to see that in him.  He can be really tough sometimes!  I love him with my whole heart, but he does struggle.

He has a hard time making decisions. And not like you think.  Literally any time he has to pick one thing or another, it’s a full on melt down. One that can’t be easily tamed.  He can’t choose, for fear that the other may not be there when he comes back.

He is very hesitant to make new friends, and most likely won’t initiate the conversation.  He’s terrified of new people.  He will not likely initiate a conversation and will probably hide from new interactions if he can.  This could go on for hours.

He has separation anxiety.  He has a genuine fear that I’m not coming back.  This is typical for a toddler, but at five, I’m not sure.  Poor guy.

He rarely follows directions without a huge fit.   He doesn’t want to.  Well guess what???  Me neither!  Too bad my sweet friend  that’s life!

He really dislikes the word ‘no’.  That’s never spoken without an all out fit.  Ok!  I’m happy to keep on going, but the rest of the world doesn’t want to hear this!

You’re probably reading this, thinking “Good grief!  Get ahold of your kid!”  Ha!  I agree.  And I am trying.  What you don’t realize is this is beyond your everyday misbehaving.  There’s more that I can’t figure out.  I do hold him accountable for all of this.  It just seems that there’s more to his little life story that I can’t pick up on just yet!  But I won’t stop trying!!

I said there was one thing…and there is!  He’s an observer!  He watches and hears everything!  He can tear your day apart as quickly as he can mend it with his love and kisses!  He’s a lover and a friend!

He saves the sweetness for his comfort zones!  Most aren’t lucky enough to see that side!  The real side of him!

He’s a work in progress.  Aren’t we all??


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