Let your light shine

It’s September, so it’s time to talk about suicide. Hmmm…we should always talk about this. It doesn’t only happen this month. However, I agree…let’s bring awareness to the topic.

Plain and simple, suicide sucks. It really is awful for those of us left to pick up the pieces. But what about those who choose that?  What’s sad is they are “maybe” the ones who made us worry. The ones we spent hours and days trying to help. Or maybe…they were just another piece of the puzzle, fully functional, but without them, we can’t complete the whole picture. You just never know.

Until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, I can’t give both sides of my story.  I only have mine.  I can’t speak for PJ.  What I do know is that he was wrong when he thought the end was it.  I have proof of that.  It lies in the hearts of two little children who crave the presence of a daddy.  The one thing I cannot give them.

They have so many to love them and nurture them along the way.  It’s wonderful.  It’s fulfilling to me, to see this love surrounding my children.  Someday it will be that for them.  But for now, they miss their Daddy, and I can’t blame them. I miss my dad too!

That void doesn’t make them ungrateful though.  They love what is in front of them.  They seek advice, and most importantly, snuggles from someone who loves them, but isn’t Daddy.

I know we all boast about our children.  I truly think you see a clearer picture of who they really are when you  see how they deal with trauma.

I learned a lot from my kids this past year. Landon is afraid of being alone.  Once he realizes I’m coming back…good as gold!  Avery has a steel heart..,in a good way!  Love, get hurt, fix it, love more!   That’s how she works.  Her only fear is being an orphan…her daddy died…will mommy die too?

Yikes!  I can tell her that won’t happen!  It won’t if I have any to say about it!  But, what a fear for an eight year old!  When I was eight, I was worried my sister might get the cereal toy!

Kids need us.  They need our love, our reassurance, our stability, and our guidance to get through each day.  Fake it if you must, but not forever.  Do right by our little ones, even if you aren’t the parent!  Be the good and show them the good!  There’s plenty of ugly surrounding us!  Blind them with the positive!

Kids need us!  And we need them!

Find your light and let it shine.  You never know who might be watching!


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