Today is OURS!

Life is short.  I know we hear this all the time, and it can become very cliche. But in all reality, it’s very true. I mean honestly, I was just beginning my teaching career and now I’m 16 years in. I’m pretty sure I just had my first child, but now she’s 8 and the other will be 5 next week. It all flies by, and yes…life is short!

Losing PJ so early has really guided me to embrace this “life is short” mentality. Not just in my personal life, but in all walks. Namely, with my children. This is the quickest, most transparent version. They are babies one minute, and right before my eyes they are both in school, learning, growing right out of shoes and clothes, and teaching me things I never thought possible from their little minds. (Little bodies…HUGE minds). I know, if I blink, they’ll be in college and moving out. So I plan to keep my eyes wide open so it doesn’t happen too fast!

Then there are our parents. I already lost my dad. Way too soon. It’s so easy to get frustrated with the ones we love most. They are our safe haven.  But we have to be careful. They are our safe place, but as sad as it is, they won’t be here forever. That’s hard to remember sometimes!  We have to remember to love them like they loved us through life…unconditionally!

Relationships…friends and more!  Say what is on your mind. It’s easy to tread lightly here, because sometimes this might not feel quite as safe. Who cares!  If you love, then do it and say it. If you wonder, make it known. If you are angry, say it, figure it out, but don’t stay that way!   Be real.

We are NOT guaranteed tomorrow. We are not guaranteed five more minutes. Live like there is no more time. You never know.

I pray that we all have the time we need. But we should not waste it wondering or hoping for a better tomorrow. Today is ours!!!  Live it right!!!

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